Barrio Logan College Institute

College And Success

12barrio_logan_college_institute_girl_graduationBarrio Logan College Institute is located in Barrio Logan, a part of the San Diego community that is rich in both culture and pride but that is grossly underserved. Located in a traditionally low-income community BLCI promotes higher education as a ticket out of poverty. Working together with disadvantaged families, BLCI ensures that 100% of its students enroll in college. BLCI also helps students succeed in college programs across the nation!

All of BLCI’s students are or will become first generation college students and upon joining the program they learn that college and success go hand in hand, shifting their focus from “Will I go to college?” to “Where will I go to college?”

At BLCI we believe all students should have access to higher education, not limited by culture or status, resulting in a thriving community and a better world. We pursue this vision by providing comprehensive college-prep afterschool programs for local disadvantaged students and their families starting in elementary school and continuing until college graduation.

Why is BLCI so Effective?

  • “Barrio Logan College Institute gives kids from poor families all the information, opportunities, and college pressure that wealthier kids might take for granted. It changes the question from whether they’ll go to college to where. And that coaxing comes from Latino adults who know what it’s like, who were the first in their families to go to college, too.” — Emily Alpert, Education Reporter, San Diego Magazine, July 2011.

  • BLCI is the only after school program in San Diego that offers college preparation services beginning in 3rd grade. Elementary school is a crucial time in a student’s life and it is at this early stage that the path to educational success begins. We work to develop the sense of pride and self-esteem that our students need to be academically and socially successful. We believe that the earlier a student is exposed to the possibility of college, the more likely he or she will eventually attend a college or university.

  • We also require parent involvement. Both parents and students have to apply to the program and parents have to pledge 30 hours a year of participation. We want to ensure commitment from the family towards their kids’ educational aspirations. BLCI parents look to staff to help them navigate a complex education system. Working closely with parents is a key ingredient to our success.

  • Individualized, culturally-relevant services are also important. Each family receives services tailored to their specific needs. Additionally, all BLCI full-time staff members are intimately familiar with the plight the students face, because they’ve lived it themselves. BLCI staff members are bilingual and the first in their families to graduate from college.