We truly care about our students and their families as we provide a safe environment with a culture of trust and respect. We expect that everyone within the BLCI family will be dedicated to our mission of providing our families with the necessary tools to ensure their success. Success for one is success for all.


We strive to create and maintain the highest quality services for our families, supporters, and partners. We challenge our students to transform their lives and be the best they can be.


We treat each person with dignity regardless of difference of opinions or backgrounds, and we teach our students to do the same. We work with partners and supporters who respect the families we serve.


We believe all students have the right to go to college. Education provides individuals with the knowledge, opportunities, and skills to become full and active participants in society. We teach, inspire, and empower our students and families to become agents of change and advocates for others.


We focus on possibilities, not limitations. We encourage our students to create their own future.