BLCI student programs are based on the BLCI ABCs of College Success. All students are required to attend weekly “Steps to Success” workshops that prepare them for college success. Tutoring is offered from 3 to 8PM, Monday through Thursday. Field trips and enrichment activities are constant and ongoing throughout the year.

Academic Support

First and foremost, we make sure our students are doing well in school to improve their chances of attending a quality college or university and ensure their academic success on a college campus.

Behavioral Development

We believe that success in life requires more than just earning a high GPA. Through our community partnerships, we provide the training our students need to build confidence, set goals, build professional networks, maintain healthy relationships and access more resources in college and in the community.

College Knowledge

Through our weekly “Steps to Success” workshops and college tours throughout California, BLCI promotes a “College-Going Culture.” At BLCI, college is the natural next step after high school. In fact, 100% of our high school graduates enroll in colleges and universities throughout the nation! Students and families learn how to choose the right college and finance their higher education